Exele Newsletter May 2014

Exele Newsletter May 2014


TopView 6.18.1

Alarm Management and Alarm Notification Software for OPC/SCADA, OSIsoft PI, Canary Labs, SQL, and PerfMon

New features and enhancements include:

  • Acknowledge Notification: TopView now supports customized acknowledge notification messages which can include the acknowledger, device, and time
  • Smarter “restart on configuration changes”: The TopView Engine can now apply most tag-based changes without performing an internal restart
  • Tag-specific User Values and Placeholders added: Allow user-entered attributes of each monitored tag to be included in alarm and notification messages 
  • Mobile Web App: Real-time updates and Alarm History
    Real-time updates can push new values to the browser at a user-configured rate.
    Alarm History available to Mobile Web App users
  • Configurator: monitor status of TopView Engine : The Configurator will now monitor the status of the TopView Engine for the current configuration file


Exele PI-DAS featured at PI Users Conference

CPMS Environmental Monitoring and Reporting at Natural Gas Transmission Facilities

Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) changed from meeting environmental monitoring regulations using manpower and paper and pencil to a state of the art 21st century monitoring system.

The Exele PI-DAS System is the basis for SoCalGas’ quantum leap in data collection and monitoring.

This presentation from the 2014 PI Users Conference covers SoCalGas’ opportunity to establish a foundation for addressing environmental regulations.

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Exele TopView Aids in Data Center Power Utilization

ARTICLE: Automation.com

In the Data Center business, asset utilization is a key component to success. Per outlet monitoring is the latest trend for progressive thinking owner/operators and this is helping them with strategic decisions. If you don’t know exactly what the cost of running an application is, you don’t know how much to charge customers.

Energy Metrics utilizes alarm monitoring software to monitor over 750,000 points of data to ensure that Data Center operators know at all times where their power usage is compared to capacity and to provide alarms based on severity of the situation.

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“When Water Flows Uphill”

The Leidenfrost Effect. Researchers test ridged surfaces in order to control the movements of hot water.