Win911 & SCADAlarm conversion

[Update: January, 2022]

We no longer recommend conversions from Win911. Since offering this service, many customers have found that it’s quicker to start with a fresh sync from the SCADA system than to have to clean up the configuration post-conversion.

 What’s Included?

  • A pre-configured TopView configuration that includes every discrete alarm tag and every analog alarm tag that exists in the customer’s current Win-911/SCADAlarm application.
    • Also includes the Contacts (with details), Groups, and Schedules that exist inside their current Win-911/SCADAlarm application.

Conversion steps

  • The customer sends a zipped version of their Win-911/SCADAlarm application.
  • Conversion executed as a service and the customer receives a set of TopView configuration files.
  • The result is a fully functional TopView application ready to communicate with the customer’s HMI and monitor all alarm tags and values.