Alarm RSS Feeds

What is RSS?

RSS is a method for distributing information updates over the web.

An RSS feed is an XML file hosted on a web server. The contents of the XML file are one or more items that describe the information to be distributed. Many common uses of RSS feeds are blog entries, new items, and videos.

Why use RSS?

Instead of needing to visit a website to see what is new (the blog, news website, …), an RSS Reader allows users to “subscribe” to one or more RSS feeds. The reader then displays the information from the feed(s): usually a headline, a brief description, and a link (e.g. to the blog or news item described). The reader can show the RSS item titles, descriptions, and can open the links. The reader may track the items that the user has read, and may allow the user to share items with others.

How does TopView use RSS?

TopView can generate RSS feeds of current alarms. Multiple feeds can be created (filtered by TopView Tag Group) and published to a web server. Users can then subscribe the RSS feed(s) using an RSS Reader to view TopView alarm activity.

RSS Readers

RSS Readers can be

  1. applications that run on the desktop, mobile, or tablet device (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, iPad)
  2. embedded into web pages and portals
  3. hardware devices such as LED tickers