Alarm SNMP Traps

The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is the dominant protocol in network management. SNMP Traps are unsolicited alarm messages sent by devices (agents) on the network to an SNMP Manager within an IT monitoring infrastructure.

Send process alarms as SNMP Traps

TopView can act as an SNMP agent that sends SNMP Trap messages for TopView alarms.

TopView’s implementation of SNMP Traps includes:

  • Support for SMTP Trap version 1 and 2c
  • Fully customized SNMP Trap message content based on current alarm information (tags, values, alarm message, ….)
  • Detailed logging of the content and success of each sent SNMP Trap message
  • Ability to enable/disable SNMP Traps per alarm
  • Templating of SNMP Trap message content (define once and inherit by multiple alarms)
  • Threaded sending of SNMP Trap messages without interruption or delay to core alarm engine tasks
  • An SNMP Trap Manager to test receiving of SNMP Trap messages from TopView
  • Performance Counters and TopView Status Tags to monitor number of SNMP Trap messages queued, sent, and failed