2-Way Email-SMS Communication

TopView can send and receive email/SMS messages.


Outgoing notification messages can be sent by TopView when an alarm occurs. These messages can be sent through email (with optional SSL) and a GSM modem on a cellular network.

Incoming TopView messages from Email/SMS can be used to:

There are two ways to send and receive text messages with TopView:

  1. Via email
  2. Via cellular modem (GSM/CDMA/HSPA)

Cellular modems allow sending text messages for devices without access to an email server. We list recommended modems for use with TopView.

The cellular modem requires a SIM card with SMS plan. US and Canadian customers can purchase a GSM SIM card and SMS plan for TopView through GPRS SIM. If you are a US customer can purchase TopView SMS plans and SIM cards from GPRS SIM. For questions about GPRS SIM please contact Eddy Stevens.