Using TopView SQL

with Inductive Automation Ignition

TopView SQL can be used to monitor and send notifications (email, SMS, voice, …) for data that exists in relational databases accessed through ODBC and OLEDB.

Ignition from Inductive Automation can store both real-time tag data and alarms in relational databases such as MySQL and SQL Server.

Ignition integrators and users have successfully interfaced TopView SQL to Ignition’s SQL data, allowing them to perform alarm and notification functions not currently available in Ignition (e.g. Voice call-out).


One Integrators Perspective: Mack McGhee of Sunapsys, Inc.


The following document contains details on how Sunapsys decided to integrate TopView SQL with Ignition. This information is provided by Sunapsys as a courtesy to Ignition and TopView SQL users.