Modems, TAPI Devices, and Voice Boards


Way2Call Hi-Phone Users

If you are installing the Way2Call Hi-Phone device for TopView Voice Notification, please see our
Way2Call Hi-Phone installation steps and tips.


Various features of Exele TopView software use modems and/or voice boards

  • Cellular network:

    • SMS Notification: text messages to/from cellular phones using a GSM modem



  • Phone line:

    • Modem Notification: alphanumeric pager notification using the TAP protocol (Modem)

    • Voice Notification: dial-out voice calls (TAPI Modem or Voice board)

    • Remote Dial-in: dial-in voice menu (TAPI Modem or Voice board)


Cellular network Modems - GSM 
for TopView SMS Notification

A GSM Modem connects to the TopView computer (USB, RS-232) and has an antenna that connects the GSM modem to a cellular network. Connecting to a cellular network requires an agreement with a cellular carrier that supports GSM (example: AT&T and T-Mobile in the US, but not Verizon). This agreement gives you a SIM card which gets inserted into the GSM modem, giving the GSM modem a cellular phone number. If the cellular agreement includes SMS/text messaging (required), TopView can then use this GSM modem to send/receive SMS text messages to/from cellular phones. You should make sure that the cellular plan includes unlimited SMS text messaging to avoid additional charges.


Bands:You must select a GSM modem that supports the frequency band(s) of your country and carrier.


Modems: There are many GSM modems on the market and most will work with TopView. For operation with TopView, the modem should be ETSI 07.05 compliant and support sending and receiving of SMS in PDU mode.


We suggest using MultiTech Cell cellular modems or MultiTech GPRS external wireless USB modems for SMS notification in TopView. The available models support the bands available in most countries.

In our office (United States), we use the following GSM modems with TopView:

  • MultiTech MTCBA-G2-U
    Note: Download and install the latest drivers from MultiTech. Be sure to follow instructions to assign COM port to modem.
    More information...

  • MultiTech MTCBA-G-U-F4
    This modem is being phased out and new projects should use MTA-G2-U
    More information...


Phone line Modems
for TopView Voice Notification (TAPI) and Modem Notification TAP


TAPI (Voice notification and Remote dial-in)

TopView TAPI voice functions (voice notification and remote dial-in) can be accomplished with Voice Telephony boards, Voice modems, and TAPI devices. 

Voice modems and TAPI devices are often more economical than telephony boards, although the selected voice modem will affect the overall functionality and voice quality; all devices are not created equal. 

We believe that most TopView users requiring TAPI functions will be satisfied with the quality and function of the recommended TAPI devices that we recommend below.

There are many brands of TAPI devices and voice modems on the market. Our recommended brands are listed below based on our testing. A different device may work with TopView voice notification and remote dial-in. We cannot guarantee the results of any modem installed on your computer. You should thoroughly test your voice modem with TopView.

Phone line modem tips:

  • Do not install or test the modem through Remote Desktop. User have reported problems when installing and testing TAPI voice modems through Remote Desktop. The symptom is that the modem installs and will work for non-voice applications, but the voice drivers are not installed. If you must install through Remote Desktop, you should connect to the console of the host computer and turn off the routing of sound to the Remote Desktop session. Contact Exele support for assistance or if you have questions.

  • External modems are easier to reset than internal modems. Internal modems cannot be easily reset without rebooting. Yet, there are some good internal TAPI modems that we recommend below.

  • If available, download the latest drivers from the vendor's web site instead of using the drivers on the included CD.

  • After installing the modem and with the most recent drivers, reboot the computer once.

  • Make sure that the Windows Audio Service is running

Serial ports:

Some of our recommended external modems (below) require a 9-pin serial port (COM port), yet many of today's computers do not ship with built-in serial ports. There are options for adding COM ports to your computer:

  • Serial PCI card: This is the recommended solution for adding Serial ports to your computer.
    You can purchase PCI cards that contain one or more serial ports. These cards work well if you find one that works with your computer and operating system. The Serial PCI card that we use and recommend is StarTech's 2-port Serial Card Model PCI2S550. This card is available from the vendor's web site ( and from online retailers such as CDW. The downloaded drivers from the vendor's web site support most operating systems including Windows 2000, 2003, XP, and Vista. If you require Modem Notification (TAP protocol) in TopView, you should use a Serial PCI card instead of a USB-Serial Adapter.


  • USB-Serial Adapter: These adapters provide a serial port through a USB connection to your computer. They contains electronics and will vary widely in both quality and capabilities. Some will appear to work, but may crash your computer or return errors when you attempt certain functions over the serial modem. We do not recommend using USB-Serial Adapters for your modem.

Recommended TopView phone line modems:

Although we cannot guarantee that a particular device will work on your system, we try to compare various devices to see how and if they work on different operating systems. The information below is based on our own test results and feedback from customers. We do not guarantee that a particular modem or device will work properly on your system.

Summary of results:

For TAPI functions (Voice Notification, Remote Dial-in), we recommend the Way2Call HiPhone device. Please be sure to follow our recommended installation steps/tips to ensure success.


Summary of devices listed:

  • External:

    • Way2Call Hi-Phone: Desktop Lite (other Hi-Phone models may also work)

    • Multitech: The MT5656ZDX-V did not work for Voice functions (Voice Notification and Remote Dial-in) in Windows Vista, while the MT5600ZDXV worked across all tested operating systems. The voice quality of the MT5656ZDX-V modem appeared slightly better than the MT5600ZDXV, yet both are acceptable.

  • Internal:

    • MultiTech: the MT5634ZPX-PCI-U (hard to find - model replaced) modem works well for all TopView functions on all tested Operating Systems.
      MultiTech has replaced this model with the MT9234ZPX-UPCI which does not have same level of sound quality.

Recommended TopView phone line modems:

  • Windows 2000, XP, 2003:
    Internal: Multi-Tech MT5634ZPX-PCI-U (replaced with MT9234ZPX-UPCI) (PCI)
    External: Way2Call Hi-phone (USB) or Multi-Tech MT5656ZDX-V (serial) 

  • Vista (32-bit):
    Internal: Multi-Tech MT5634ZPX-PCI-U (replaced with MT9234ZPX-UPCI) (PCI)
    External: Way2Call Hi-phone (USB) or Multi-Tech MT5600ZDXV (serial)

  • Windows 7, Server 2008 and 64 bit OS's
    Way2Call Hi-phone (USB)

More information:

  • Where to buy:


  • Hi-Phone: Desktop Lite (USB) TAPI device
    USB device


    • TAPI device (TopView Voice Notification and Remote Dial-in)

    • This is the recommended device for TopView TAPI functions

    • If you are using this device with TopView, please read our tips

    • Pros: Very nice sound if you use high-quality voices in TopView.
      USB-powered. Worked well for outgoing (Voice notification) and incoming (Remote dial-in) calls. Support for the widest range of operating systems including 64-bit.

    • Cons: More expensive than some other devices, but worth it.


  • MultiTech: MT5634ZPX-PCI-U Voice/Data/Fax Modem (old model)
    MultiTech: MT9234ZPX-UPCI Voice/Data/Fax Modem (new model)
    Internal PCI interface.


    • 9234 sound quality not as good as 5634

    • TAPI and TAP (alphanumeric page) support: yes

    • Pros: 5634/9234 Modem worked well with TopView on multiple operating systems. 5634 has loud volume and clear speech.

    • Cons: Internal modem. May need to reboot the computer to reset the modem. 9234 sound quality not great.


  • MultiTech : MT5656ZDX-V  Voice/Data/Fax Modem
    External Serial interface
    You can use a Serial PCI card if no serial ports are available on your computer. See above for more information.


    • TAPI and TAP (alphanumeric page) support: yes

    • Pros: Modem worked well with TopView on multiple operating systems (except Vista). Great volume for TAPI voice applications in TopView (Voice Notification and Remote Dial-in).

    • Cons: In Vista, Voice Notification and Remote Dial-in did not work properly. If using Vista, try model MT5600ZDXV

  • MultiTech : MT5600ZDXV V.90 Voice/Data/Fax Modem
    External Serial interface
    You can use a Serial PCI card if no serial ports are available on your computer. See above for more information.


    • TAPI and TAP (alphanumeric page) support: yes

    • Pros: Modem worked well with TopView on multiple operating systems

    • Cons: The volume for dial-in support may appear low to the caller. For this reason, we recommend the external MT5656ZDX-V unless you are using Vista or later (see Hi-Phone)


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