TopView for OPC A&E





TopView Events for OPC Alarms and Events is a version of TopView Alarm and Notification Software that supports event-based monitoring from OPC A&E Servers.

With TopView OPC A&E, users can:

  1. Configure which types of OPC A&E events should be monitored
  2. Display events as they occur
  3. Trigger TopView alarms based on values of event properties
  4. Configure actions and notification for alarms (email/SMS, voice call out, …)
  5. View logs of all received events

TopView OPCA&E allows the user to monitor, track, historize, and notify events from any OPC A&E Server including .


Learn more about OPC Alarms and Events

Our OPC A&E Resources page contains an OPC A&E Overview video as well as downloadable material. You can also learn how to use our free OPC A&E test tool.

Learn more about TopView Events for OPC A&E

Watch the TopView Events for OPC A&E Overview and Getting Started video

Download TopView Events for OPC A&E

Try it out with your OPC A&E Server! Download TopView Events for OPC A&E
* Before testing we recommend that you watch the OPC A&E Overview videos and the TopView Events for OPC A&E Getting Started videos

Talk to someone about TopView Events for OPC A&E

If you’d like to talk to us about TopView Events for OPC A&E, please send your contact information to or call us at +1 585.385.9740

Learn more about TopView and Exele

TopView Events is just one of our TopView Products. We also have TopView for OPC (DA/HDA), OSIsoft PI, SQL, Canary Labs, and others.
Visit our TopView page for more information.