Tips and Recommendations: TopView and SQL Server

Recommendation: Install SQL Server on the TopView computer
If you are installing SQL Server for TopView’s use only, install it on the TopView computer. If SQL Server is local to TopView, there is less risk of network problems that can disrupt the ability of TopView to log alarms to SQL Server.

Recommendation: Close TopView while installing SQL Server

Tip: You can download and install a free version of SQL Server
Download SQL Server Express

Recommendation: Install a new SQL Server instance for TopView if SQL Server is used by other applications
“Instances” allow you to run multiple copies of SQL Server on the same computer. Installing a new instance will isolate TopView from other applications that may use SQL Server. The SQL Server installation program can be used to add an instance to an existing SQL Server installation. Run the install program a second time and name the new instance TOPVIEWINSTANCE or something other than the default name (e.g. SQLExpress for SQL Server Express).

Tip: You can install SQL Server Express on a different computer, but remote access to SQL Server Express may not be enabled by default.
To enable remote access to SQL Server Express, you need to enable TCP/IP protocol.

Tip: If you are having problems seeing your SQL Server instance from the SQL Server drop-down (TopView Global Options), verify that SQL Server Browser Service is running on the SQL Server computer
After enabling and starting this service, it may take a few minutes before the Server is seen in the TopView SQL Server drop-down.