Throughout many industries, the ability to reproduce events within a defined set of process limits can have significant effect on the outputs and properties of the event, including product quality, energy used, equipment stress, and money saved.

From chemical batches to turbine startup/shutdown events, the ability to monitor event measurements against a desired profile is highly desirable. Examples include the pH measurement during a batch, the RPM speed during a turbine startup, or the daily energy load for a building.

Exele ProcessTemplates, for OSISoft PI, assists users in the creation and management of measurement profiles (“process templates”) as well as the real-time monitoring and alarming of measurements versus the profiles during process events. Supported events include user-defined, fixed length, and PI Batch events.

Measurement value during Event


A “process template”, shown below, is
a set of limits (upper, center, lower)
for the measurement value.

Template for measurement value