How it Works

Create Templates

The Template Manager assists in the creation of measurement templates. Templates can be created for “measurement Y vs. time” or “measurement Y vs. measurement X.

The template limits can be created through statistical calculations on previous, successful events (golden batch or event), or known templates can be imported directly into into the Template Manager.

create_templateThe Template Manager is used to

Template Manager Application


Assign Templates to Events


The measurement templates are process measurement profiles. Before a template can be used for real-time monitoring of measurements, it must be “assigned” to one or more events.

In some cases, a single template can be used to monitor the measurement value of events on different physical equipment; for example, you may have 5 identical pieces of equipment, and a single startup temperature template can be used for events on each one, since the desired measurement profile is the same.

At other times, you may have similar pieces of equipment, yet due to variances in the equipment and/or the process, each piece of equipment may require a different measurement template.

The Template Monitor Configurator is used to

Template Monitor Configurator Application


Once the assignment is created, the Template Monitor will use the assignment and configuration information to perform real-time alarming of the measurements during active events.


Real-time Monitor

The real-time Template Monitor is a Windows Service that monitors the current measurements versus the template limits. The Monitor will compare the measurement value to the template limits during active events, outputting current state information to the optional output tags.

monitor_twounitsThe optional output tags include:

The current state of the Monitor Service (active events, current measurements, template limits, and alarm states) can be viewed using the the Monitor Admin application.

Monitor Admin



PI ProcessBook and RT WebParts provide the presentation of active events, historical events, measurement tag values, and templates limits.

The ProcessTemplates Add-in for PI ProcessBook returns the template limits and related values in “Custom Data Sets”. Template data can be displayed in symbols that support PI tags, including trends, XY plots, Batch trends, and values symbols.



ProcessTemplates includes Exele TopView for PI for notification of alarm events


Once you have configured PI ProcessTemplates to monitor your measurements, TopView for PI can immediately send notification to one or more recipients (email, SMS, text, pager, voice) if the measurements exceed the defined template limits. For more information on TopView, see our TopView page.

Details for the included TopView for PI license: