An “event” in ProcessTemplates is a period of time, defined by a start and end time.

This event is the period of time during which the template (limits) can be applied to measurement value. Starting with ProcessTemplates 2.0, PI Batch is supported, but not required.

Events for Batch Industries

For traditional batch industries, events can be PI UnitBatches. If needed, the template settings can specify additional filters for the UnitBatch event, such as time offsets, SubBatchs, or range of measurement values.

Events for All Industries

ProcessTemplates users can define their own events using ExpressionEvents: a powerful, user-configurable, event processing engine.

With ProcessTemplate’s ExpressionEvents, events can be defined using

The ExpressionEvent returns the initial time period for analysis. The template settings can provide further filters to define a sub-period within the event.