Process Templates

PI Event analysis and alarming compares measurement profiles to desired process templates.

From pH measurement during chemical batches to turbine RPM speed during startup/shutdown to the daily energy load of a building, monitoring event measurements to desired profiles can be highly desirable. Further, this can have a significant effect on the outputs and properties of the event, including product quality, energy used, equipment stress, and money saved.

EXELE Process Templates for OSIsoft PI assists users in the creation and management of measurement profiles as well as the real-time monitoring and alarming of measurements versus profiles during process events.

Profile Creation and Management

ProcessTemplates has the tools to let you create and define the desired measurement profiles based on historical “good runs”. Sometimes the desired profile is not known, but by comparing the measurement profiles during successful runs you are able recognize a pattern. ProcessTemplates facilitates the analysis of previous events to help you achieve the “a-ha” moment.

Profile templates are centrally stored and managed allowing access by template creators, template users, and real-time monitors within ProcessTemplates.

Your Events

Template profile events are not always easy to define. The desired event may be a portion of a larger event defined by known signals or limits on other measurement values. If you cannot define the correct event, the analysis cannot be performed.

ProcessTemplates supports both filtered PI Batch and SubBatch events and free-form dynamic events created through PI tag expressions. Whichever your approach, ProcessTemplates allows you apply the necessary filters to correctly define the desired profile event.

Real-Time View and Alert

Once the measurement template profiles are created and active, real-time monitors will compare the current event measurements to the defined profiles. Through visual charts and notification (email, SMS, …), users can monitor the status of active events by knowing how well the events are following the desired profiles. Misbehaving events may be aborted and restarted, saving time, material, and money.


“ProcessTemplates helped us realize and monetize our most important asset – real-time information. We have increased our first pass yield (FPY) significantly, saving thousands of dollars a year, and millions over time.”

Francis Lauryssens
PI Systems Specialist
Sun Chemical